Glamatar AI and West Coast Leather San Francisco Virtual Fashion Show

Posted on mayo 10 2021

West Coast Leather Introduces Virtual Shopping with our White & Black Stretch Leather Tank Dress $995. The Virtual Model is by Glamatar.AI and their soon to be released Mobile App. We will be releasing a our Virtual West Coast Leather 2201 Collection in a #TechFashionShow soon.
The future of fashion, #Glamatar is a mobile app that allows users to customize a 3D avatar and virtually try on clothing from real designers and retailers. What we offer retailers:
• The creation of life-like 3D avatars for customers to expand your in-store experience to virtual try-ons.
• The ability to replicate fashion items in 3D by leveraging advanced technology and professional artists.
• Hosting of a virtual storefront to display products in an immersive virtual fashion world.
We are excited to be working with West Coast Leather on the cutting edge of technology! #LeatherDress #Leather3DFashion #GlamatarAI #WestCoastLeatherVirtualTV #CallClientServices4153628300

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