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Amaré Zuri 

Amaré Zuri™ is a Luxury Fashion House based in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Amaré Zuri Story

The name Amaré Zuri combines some our many native African languages and means elegant, graceful and beautiful.

Amaré Zuri as a company was founded to share the most elegant, graceful and beautiful South African designs for the discerning fashion-conscious person.

From our base in Cape Town, South Africa, we strive to deliver accessory experiences that enrich lives and promote a sense of wellness and beauty. Amaré Zuri Colors are wild like our surroundings and call to us to express ourselves in our fullness of beauty and elegance. Our range consists of select and genuine South African Ostrich leather brought to us from responsible and sustainable wild-farmsWe hope to capture the essence of our country with its unique qualities and character and share our luxury with the world. We feel inspired to serve globally and believe that with a combination of natural beauty and finest quality we can make a difference and be unique. We aim to lead a renaissance in South Africa and across the African continent. We find and give voice to our long tradition of exclusive fashion and color. All our handbags are handmade using a combination of only the finest of exotic materials and luxurious European trim. We are inspired by the iconic surroundings of South Africa and Cape Town. A blend of urban haute-couture and natural and wild beauty. Our range is handmade in South Africa by local artisans skilled and passionate in their craft.

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